Experiments vs. Experience Audio Discussions (Scientist vs. Powerlifter)

How Long Before Retraining a Muscle? Is the Squat Mandatory? Peaking for Strength Growth Hormone in Sport Andro Truths (Not going away?) Fastest Rate of Muscle Gain?  
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Experiments vs. Experience 2.0...  
Heavy Lifting after 40?


How bad are anabolic steroids?  

(Pt 1)

How bad are anabolic steroids?

(Pt 2)

How bad are anabolic steroids?

(Pt 3)

Iron Radio / Experiments v. Experience THAILAND TRAVELOGUE (Intl Nutr Conf) How big is competitive in bodybuilding?  

How strong is worthy in powerlifting and strong-man?


How strong is worthy in powerlifting PART II          
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