Iron Radio Episodes ARCHIVE 60-69 (mid 2010)

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Iron Radio Episode 60 Guest Bryan Kavanagh Topics = Alcohol, Rule breaking Iron Radio Episode 61 Guest Alwyn Cosgrove Topic = The Gym Business (+ More Alcohol bonus) Iron Radio Episode 62 Guest Dr. Peter Lemon! Topic = Research (fish oil, HIIT, protein vibration trng) AND Hosting Public Symposia Iron Radio Episode 63 Guest Dr. Mauro DiPasquale Topic = Carb Cycling, Powerlifting Iron Radio Episode 64  Topic = Behind the Scenes of Sports Suppl Industry  
Iron Radio Episode 65  Guest Dr. John Berardi Topic = Starting an Exercise-Nutrition Coaching Business Iron Radio Episode 66  Guest Brian Moss Topic = Bodybuilding Culture, Changes, Photography Iron Radio Episode 67  Guest Garrett Smith Topic = Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peppers, Eggplant and Joint Pain Iron Radio Episode 68 Topic = What it's like to compete in strength sports Iron Radio Episode 69 Guest Jon Mike; Topic = The best weekly body part splits  
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Contributor Commentary: Jon Mike; Topic = Personal Trng. Certif. Problems Contributor Commentary: Jon Mike; Topic = Science of Core Strength and Stability Contributor Commentary: Jon Mike; Topic = Exercise Physiology Contributor Commentary: Jon Mike; Topic = Alcohol in sport    


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