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Iron Radio Episode 270 Topic = Gym Talk & Listener Mail Iron Radio Episode 271 Guest Dr. Chris Peters; Topic = Science for Lifters Iron Radio Episode 272 Guest William Llewellyn; Topic = Anabolic Fats, Steroids Iron Radio Episode 273 Guest Bryan Krahn; Topic = Working in the Industry Pt I Iron Radio Episode 274 Guests Nelson, McCarrell; Topic = Behind Scenes, Working in the Industry Pt II  
Iron Radio Episode 275 Guest Spencer Aiken; Topic = Meathead vs Mainstream, Working in the Industry Pt III Iron Radio Episode 276 Guests Ben Moore, Jon Mike; Topic = Strongman-Powerlifting, Gym Talk Iron Radio Episode 277; Topic = News and Reviews Iron Radio Episode 278; Topic = What Makes a Nutrition or Training Guru? Iron Radio Episode 279; Topic = Favorite Lifting Techniques and Programs  
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Listener Commentaries (audio editorial submissions)

Listener Commentary: Jon Mike; Topic = Personal Trng. Certif. Problems Listener Commentary: Jon Mike; Topic = Science of Core Strength and Stability Listener Commentary: Jon Mike; Topic = Exercise Physiology Listener Commentary: Jon Mike; Topic = Alcohol in sport Listener Commentary: Jaya Dixit; Topic = What Makes a Food Good or Bad?  

Listener Commentary: Jaya Dixit; Topic = Food Photo Blogging




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