Iron Radio Episodes ARCHIVE 11-20 (Early-mid 2009)

Iron Radio Episode 11: Guest Dave Tate; Topic = Training and Eating Simplicity Iron Radio Episode 12: Guest Troy Anderson; Topic = Injuries Iron Radio Episode 13: Topic =Training for Health vs. Elite Competition Iron Radio Episode 14: Guest Nick Nilsson; Topic = Relationship with Exercise

Iron Radio Episode 15: Guest Pat Ward; Topic = Stay Lean or Get Big & Strong

Iron Radio Episode 16: Swager Strength; Topic = Strongman Trng for Sport Iron Radio Episode 17: Guest Jon Porman; Topic = Pain & Performing Iron Radio Episode 18: Guest Keith Shimon; Topic = Self Care Iron Radio Episode 19: Topic= When to Deadlift vs. Squat Iron Radio Episode 20: Guest Leigh Peele; Topic = Fitness Industry    


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What's this "Contributor Commentary" thing about? It's a way for fitness and nutrition students, professionals and journalists to get (possibly their first) editorially-reviewed content on the Internet, in a legitimate, intellectually-sound forum. Simply author a 200-500 word editorial and read / record the audio for email submission to the Iron Radio editors. Quoting respected scientists, authors and/ or citing academic journals improve chances of acceptance. We are looking for smart, commercially unbiased readings such as one might hear on NPR (check out that radio web site for non-athletic example readings).